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Monastery Bukovo

Monastery Bukovo is located 3km west of Negotin, surrounded by forest. It is considered to be built in the time of King Milutin, in the end of XIII or at the beginning of XIV century, with the help of Archbishop Nikodim. According to architecture and style characteristics, monastery church of Sv Nikole ( St. Nicolas) has similarities to the Moravian style which is characteristic of the period of Serbian despotate.

Prince Miloš Obrenović donated the bell to a monastery somewhere in the first half of  XIX century.

The oldest and most valuable frescoes are: Mother of God and Christ - on the vault and a fresco of Archangel Michael at the entrance to the church. The last painting layer was made in 1902 in Romantic design by Steva Todorovic. Frescoes were painted by his collaborator, painter Milisav Markovic.


Monastery Vratna


Founded in XIV century, and part of the monastery was built in 1415 when duke Šarban from Struz near Bucuresti left a note about renewal which got erased by time but provost Genadije recorded it in 1856.

The monastery burned in 1813 and rebuilt in 1817. Today, Vratna is an active woman´s monastery and is dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord.

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