Municipality of Negotin

Many people and nations lived on this ground for centuries, recording prosperity, development, the origin of civilizations.


The data about them are covered with a misty veil, but we can confidently say that Negotin region, as  Đerpap´s immediate hinterland, as a bridge in the past, between Vlaška lowlands and Timok valley IE Balkans.


Through this town´s rough history, the soul of people from Negotin got carved, and it is hospitable, always prepared for friends, wine and a good story spiced with local specialties. Beside perfect wine and food, you need some adventure. Walking the trails on which Emperor Galerie, Hajduk Veljko, Đorđe Stanojević and Mokranjac walked on is a true inspiration...



...a chance to visit picnic, a surreal town of wine and to breath the breeze wrapped with this red fluid, harsh and seductive, you shouldn´t miss. The adventure continues on the blue Danube, over Vratna and Šarkamen or monastery Bukovo. You can drink water from the purest springs, walk the surrounding hills or enjoy the tranquility of Vratna.



39 settlements. 16.597 households, 43.551 people




Surrounded by a mountain range ( Miroč, Crni Vrh, and Deli Jovan) and with open space on the east and south side, the Municipality of Negotin represents the most continental region of Eastern Serbia with warmest summers and the harshest winters. During winter temperature goes even to 30 degrees Celsius below zero and during the summer to 40 degrees in the shade.


City of Negotin

Negotin is located in the lowlands, surrounded by Timok and Danube and hills Vidrovac, Badnjevo and Bratujevac. This location caused the specific climate with hot summers and sharp winters. Since on a triple border, its history has always been turbulent, and many cultural monuments are witnesses. A lot of legends are created here, many heroes walked this road, a lot is behind us. Many great names of the Serbian and world history left their mark here. Stevan Mokranjac wrote his masterpieces inspired by Negotin, Hajduk Veljko celebrated the free spirit of our people, and Đorđe Stanojević, a physicist, had projected the first hydroelectric power plant in Serbia. Vuk Karadžić also spent a few years here.

Name origin


There are two legends about the origin of Negotin name:

„In the Malo selo (one of the oldest part of Negotin) a man called Negota came to live with his wife Tina, family and flock of sheep because the village was surrounded by exuberant pastures. Around them, a settlement started to grow, and based on their names Nego and Tina, become Negotin.“

The other legend says that in the old days two rich people were building cities, one in a place where Negotin is and the other one on a hill close to the village Vidrovac. When the work was done, the one on a hill told the one in the lowland „I made a better city than you“ (On Serbian THEN YOU – NEGO TI)  So, from „Nego ti“ became Negotin.

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