Cathedral church of the Holy Trinity


This church (1874) was built in neoclassical style. In the church port lays remains of famous Turkish fortress Baba Finka. The church was built from plans made by the ministry of construction and it represents single nave building with accentuated entry portals, a polygonal apse and a protruding rectangular choir, over which elevated domes rise with an octagonal drum. Academic painter Stevan Todorović and his wife Poleksija made the icons.

The Church is ideal for performing concerts of spiritual music with its acoustic and ambient.

The building of the church was delayed because of the local chief Ranko Alimpić wanted to start the building in a new town – Novi Negotin on the Danube. But, it never came to that and the building began on May 8, 1872.


Church of the Nativity of the  Blessed Virgin


This church was built in 1803, in the time when people couldn´t stand to watch Turkish mosques. But, Pazvan-oglu approved the built on a request by the Metropolitan Kalinik.

During the defense of Negotin in First Serbian uprising, the church was used as a hospital to accommodate wounded soldiers. In its port legendary hero, Hajduk Veljko, as buried, and a few of his companions.

Stevan Mokranjac also sang and conducted at this church.

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