Vratnjanske kapije

Near monastery Vratna, on a mountain river, clear and great for fishing, there are giant stone doors - gates, that nature made.


The first gate is called Big Overgrow, the second Small overgrow and the third one Dry Overgrow.


These “jewels” are located just 30km from the city of Negotin.


This tourist place, beside the sole canyon Vratna, stone arches and caves, complement the hunting grounds with big mouflon flock and a herd of deers. A vivid flora and fauna can be found in this canyon.

On 26km of the river coast grows 24 tree species and around 150 species of weeds. It is also a habitat for more than 50 bird species.

The river Vratna has molded a natural phenomenon as there are in Slovenia, France and Colorado.


Jovan Cvijić explorations show that this region as a great cave and the river had a surface and underground flow.

The surface flow was at the time when underground holes couldn´t take all the water, and underground are river Vratna.

These gates are natural phenomena in canyon Vratna, and experts say that they are the biggest in Europe. Small gate is 15m long, 30m wide and the hatch is 34m high. Near this gate is Big Overgrow 45m long and 26m high, while the third, Dry, is a bit further, in the most unapproachable part.

Also, there are three unexplored caves, and speleologist says they can be quite an attraction.

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