Vratnjanske kapije

Take the road next to vivid villages to Blue Danube. Young and old people are enjoying in the sun. Fishermen are looking for the biggest fish, until the moment, when they will leave their fishing rods and take ladles. From hook to fish pot – catfish, pike, bream, sturgeon, perch. It´s no wonder that people from Negotin are calling the Danube their sea.


The Danube is the second largest river in Europe, and through Negotin region flows for 31km. It is characterized by attractive coasts, bays and its tributary. Full with diversified and rich underwater world, with 58 fish species whose permanent habitat is this river. Most significant of them are catfish, pike, bream, sturgeon, perch, chub, roach, bream and other.



Đerdap- Regatta


The regatta takes place in three stages and it lasts for three days. The last stage is on the Kusjak beach in Negotin as the final destination of river caravan. In the regatta finish, beside promotional rides, competitions in rowing and volleyball on the sand are also held.


Canoe club is organizing this manifestation with the help of Tourism organization.

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